Where can you learn affiliate marketing for free?

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Affiliate marketing does not need a huge budget to get started. If you don’t know if affiliate marketing is for you, or you don’t have spare money to invest in dubious training courses, a free course would definitely help move the scale to one direction or the other. But where can you learn affiliate marketing for free?

Update 2020: if you want to learn affiliate marketing for free in 2020, you can find an updated list of mind-blowing free courses and resources under this link: Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free in 2020

Affiliate Marketing Training Fast-tracks Your Success

While you can learn affiliate marketing by yourself, it is a long process. There is a lot of new information to take in, as well as the technical side of setting up a website, creating content, keyword research, paid ads, email marketing etc. It can be very overwhelming for beginners, in fact, lot of people quit well before they understood how affiliate marketing works, how they can earn money with it, and what it takes to become a full-time affiliate marketer.

If you’d like to fast-track your progress you need a decent training course. Free courses are not easy to come by, free affiliate marketing training courses that are DECENT are really scarce. However, there are a few out there that helped me a lot BEFORE I decided to take a leap, and have been really helpful even to this day. In this post I have covered (click on the link to jump to the section);

Free Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners that Are Worth Checking Out
Free Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners that Are Worth Checking Out

Free In-house Affiliate Marketing Training

Almost every major affiliate marketing platform have an affiliate marketing training course. They focus on different aspects of affiliate marketing and can demonstrate the know-how in detail. Try them if you’d like to learn affiliate marketing, some are for free, but don’t be surprised if you feel that your head is spinning around after a few lessons. At the beginning there is just too much information

Although you may find them helpful as a beginner, they serve you better a bit later on your journey, when you know what you do and what you want. (Prime example could be GetResponse’s email marketing course. While it is free for 90 days and it is brilliant, unless you have a massive email list already you don’t need it right now.)

On the other hand, these in-house trainings tend to focus on one product or service only, and they often on the verge of being a very long sales pitch of themselves. So be careful…

Pay attention to the ones that actually give value TO YOU, rather then asking something FROM YOU (ie. buy something). Implement what you learn and judge the training by the results it brings to you, not by the results it promises to bring.

Recommended Free Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

JV Zoo Academy

The free course gives you a good insight on how to promote affiliate products on JV Zoo. It’s a bit limited in terms of how much of the knowledge you can utilise elsewhere, but if the products on JV Zoo fit your niche, then it is a valuable course you should not miss. They do try to upsell to the Masterclass (that I haven’t tried), but you don’t have to buy it to keep your access to the free material.

It is not strictly speaking free, cause they do ask you to pay $1.

There are plenty of videos that are easy to understand, but as with anything that you learn they will make much more sense once you start taking action.

Where to find them: https://academy.jvzoo.com/


Wealthy Affiliate

Despite the name, the training course on Wealthy Affiliate (WA) does not focus solely on affiliate marketing. The 10-lesson FREE course provides you with a very solid foundation for any online business, and the training is heavily geared towards taking action and implementing what you learn. Actually, by the end of the 10th lesson, you will have a website for free with a few posts already posted.

WA is also very good at teaching the basics of SEO and keyword analysis. It has a plethora of other training courses on Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce, WordPress, Youtube, Pinterest, weekly live training. They provide cheap and fast hosting and WA has a very strong and helpful community.

The free package includes two websites with no ads, a keyword tool and access to the basic course. It has no time limit, but sadly, the rest is only available for a limited time on the free account.

Where to find them: www.wealthyaffiliate.com


Amazon Affiliates Resource Centre

The Amazon Affiliate program is perfect for beginners, however it helps if you already have a bit of traffic before you join.

The Resource Centre on the other hand is available to anyone, you don’t have to join the affiliate program to browse really interesting and helpful articles, videos, tutorials. It does help, if you already have a website and you can try the different techniques straight away, but anyways, it gives a good insight of how you can promote products listed on Amazon.

There are two versions of Amazon’s education program, one on the US site, one on the EU site. The latter seems a bit more up-to-date to me, not sure why that is.

Where to find them: Amazon Affiliate Resource US, Amazon Affiliate Resource EU


Free Affiliate Marketing Training on Youtube

If you have ever tried figuring out what affiliate marketing is about just by watching Youtube videos, well, you probably would not read this post right now. I have tried, but it made more mess than use.

Youtube is very dangerous if you don’t know what to look out for. 9 out of 10 videos are (self-)promoting the ‘next shiny object’. Chasing these ‘earn $100 a day by doing this’ type of ‘methods’, watching so-called gurus trying to sell you their own basic training courses won’t take you any closer to start building your own business.

Quite the opposite: they can be very distracting and confusing, and they are like this on purpose. They create a problem where there was no problem before, and they offer you a solution (that you can buy).

There are a few gems though, that I have found. I go back to these channels from time to time, for inspiration and ideas. I am not promoting them, nor the products they may sell, but they provide valuable information that actually helped me a lot.

Freedom Influencer / Nathan Lucas

Especially his early videos are quite useful and inspirational. He is a friendly-looking guy-next-door who do not want to position himself as a guru. He did find something though, but I think that is down to how he is perceived through the screen, rather than what he is promoting. He is down-to-earth, built his business while he had a full-time day job and explains the basics in layman’s terms so it is easy to understand.

As far as I know he only promotes one product (that is Legendary Marketer), which I don’t know much about. His videos have become a bit repetitive lately, so it seems he has reached the limits of what he can / is willing to share. It is sure that nobody could replicate his results just going by the information he has shared.

Just as an experiment, it is worth subscribing to his email list to see how basic his opt-in page is, and how generic the ebook is that he gives away as a freebie. Nevertheless, it works like…but as I said is probably down to the fact the he comes across as a genuine, honest guy and that he has 100k subscribers on Youtube.

How to find Nathan: Link to his Youtube Channel


Miles Beckler

Someone again who does not want to pose as a guru, despite having built a million dollar business over a decade. Starting from scratch, he does have a lot of insight on how the affiliate marketing industry has changed; and he is willing to share his views, ideas and experience. He publishes videos every other day on average. His videos are often longer than an hour, so you must sit down and take notes otherwise you lose track, but those videos literally worth gold.

However, he has a strange way of speaking (speaks very fast, to the point), so you must listen very carefully if you don’t want to miss a valuable piece of information. I must admit I often phase out for seconds, but nevertheless, his channel of over 500 videos is worth checking out.

I have gone through his free affiliate marketing course that you can subscribe to on his website. There are quite a few good ideas that you can take home from that, but I felt that his training sends across a different message to what he is talking about in his videos.

How to find Miles Beckler:Link to his Youtube Channel



Jim and Ricky have built several niche sites over the years, and they are very open and honest about the mistakes they have made, and on the good things as well. They have a lot of videos so it may take a while till you go through all of them. They have brilliant stuff on SEO, content creating, and they put you in the right set of mind in terms of expectations. They are honest about the fact that you need 24 months to see significant results, but this message is very encouraging at the same time.

They say that if you only make $50 after a year of hard work, actually you are right on track to earn $4000 by the end of the 2nd year. Or something like this. The point is, what they do helps. It helped me keeping on track, so surely it would help you too.

On the other hand, most of the channel is actually promoting their own training course called Project 24. I like the way they pitch Project 24 in their videos: they give value first, and then tell you how P24 would help you taking the next step from there.

Also, they say that they are unique in openly sharing their niche sites. However they are not so honest about how much money it brings in that they actually promote those sites, and a lot of people check them out to see what they talk about in their videos. As one the main form monetisation of those sites is PPC advertising, the extra visitors probably earn them thousands of dollars a month, without risking that anyone dares to compete with them in those niches. Clever, clever…have I said there is a lot to learn from them…

Nevertheless, they are genuine, know what they talk about, and they have a really unique perspective and a method that apparently works.

Where to find them: Link to Their YouTube Channel

Full IncomeScool Project 24 review here: End Of False Pretenses? – Income School Project 24 Review

Who Did I Miss?

I do watch other videos of course, but the likes of Neil Patel never really caught my attention. He has some good videos with valuable advice for sure, but to be honest those are not very helpful if you just start your online business and don’t even have a website.

Backlinko is another really useful site, especially the skyscraper technique (Backlinko.com, and scroll down a bit). I don’t share Backlinko’s views on the importance of backlinks, but hey, who am I question his expertise. Brian Dean also has a YouTube channel with some really great stuff on SEO that you can check out here.

Don’t Go Yet

Just one more piece of advice: don’t even click on the videos that imply you can get rich quick. Most of the time you would only earn money for the person who made that video. Be smarter. Do experiment if you have the time. Subscribe to their email list, analyse HOW they are trying to sell you whatever they sell. Observe your feelings: whatever pushes the button for you, would push it for others.

Observe and adapt the techniques that work with your personality and the values you share. It is a lot of work, and it takes time to learn and improve yourself.

However, the ONLY way to build a sustainable online passive income is to learn the skills of building such a business.

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There is no shortcut.

You must put in the time and effort to upskill yourself, learn from others, learn from those who have been doing it successfully for long enough by create value.

This is a paying forward business.