Miles Beckler Course Review – From Side-Hustle To 7 Figures in 7 Steps

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Writing this review on Miles Beckler’s Free Course (From Side-Hustle to Seven Figures in 7 Simple Steps) is a bit of an odd-ball. Mainly, because it’s free. But I wanted to showcase this affiliate marketing training course for 3 reasons;

  • For its great content
  • For the way it’s set up
  • For the reason I am disappointed about it

I am sure many of you are looking for the best resources to get a better understanding on how to start affiliate marketing, or how to take it to the next level (even if it is only from a few sales here and there to a consistent income).

So if you have not tried Miles Beckler’s free course yet, or you have but you are not sure what to think about it, keep reading.

You’ll find this in this post

Quick Summary

Miles Beckler Course Review - From Side-hustle to 7 Figures in 7 Steps

A bold claim. Does the course deliver on the promise? No. Is it a good course? Yes. Miles Beckler's course is a good one to introduce you into the right mindset of an affiliate marketer and to demonstrate how you can build your own training course / affiliate funnel in WordPress. It is worth giving it a go just to see how other affiliate marketers do it, and get those cogwheels turning in the back of your mind to adapt it to your niche, to your website.

Editor's Rating:

Nevertheless, you could learn the same (and the lot more) from other free sources, with much more support and training on the technical aspects ie. building your website. In fact, you could get this set-up yourself within a few days by following the training I recommend the most for new affiliate marketers (aff. link to make sure you can message me once you have registered)

Who Is Miles Beckler? Is he credible?

Miles Beckler (and his wife) are online entrepreneurs, running several sites of which the most popular (and most mature) is This website / portal has been up for almost a decade now and has brought millions of visitors in.

While AskAngel remained mainly Miles’ wife’s project, Miles himself started to build his own brand on YouTube. In 2016 he started his YouTube channel, aspiring to be the most helpful internet marketer on YouTube (and on the worldwide web).

He has published more than 500 videos and hundreds of articles on his website

In terms of credible advice, he has tonnes of experience. He also experienced the ‘dark side’ of internet marketing and he admittedly failed in a lot of things.

So the content he publishes across various platforms come from real experience.

I am a big fan of his YouTube channel (I believe that – spoiler alert! – his channel is one of the most useful free resources on the internet for affiliate marketing & online entrepreneurship).

So I was eager to find out about his free course – I mean what on Earth could he add on top of the videos?

Miles Beckler’s Free Course:

From Side-Hustle To 7 Figures in 7 Steps


The Million Dollar Business Blueprint

Okay, so its a bit click-baity and my first impression was a bit of a disappointment when I looked at the graphics design etc. I did not expect to find out how to earn 7 figures by applying 7 steps, or to find the step-by-step blueprint to a million dollar business, but the title sort of suggests that you will be at least learn the theory of it.

Does the course deliver on the promise?


Is it a good course?


Let me explain!

First Module – About Yourself

The course starts with a lengthy intro about Miles, his business, his joint business with his wife, and how he achieved what he has achieved in the world of internet marketing.

What’s evident from this little intro, that he has not done anything special.

It was not quick for him at all, he has been trying to break through for the past decade now.

It still is a lot of work on a daily basis, so his business model is very far from being a passive income.

He made a lot of mistakes along the way, and his journey was more like a trial and error with a lot of ‘failures’, rather then a success story.

He experienced the LOW.

He experienced what DID NOT work for him.

That leads us to the first module: KNOW YOURSELF.

Which, I must admit, is a valid point. To be exact, you must know what platform you’ll be able to create content on. For some people it is writing. For others it is video. There are some who require the combination of the two to keep that creativity flowing.

Miles explains it clearly that there is not a better or a worse solution, you can achieve your goals no matter what platform you choose for publishing content on. The emphasis is on the fact that you must create through channels that fit you better.

It took years for Miles to realise that writing a blog is not a good match with his personality and creative style.

So he started a YouTube Channel, and it worked for him.

The point is: if you don’t know which one you prefer, you must try out different things. Try writing a blog. Try creating videos for YouTube. Try creating images for Pinterest and Instagram.

You’d be much better off spending 1-2 months trialing and experimenting with different platforms and finding what is right for you, than losing years making efforts on the wrong one.

It is also a good time to identify your knowledge gaps and start improving them.

Second Module – Mindset

The 2nd module is about finding out, who you can help. This is such a great and powerful state of mind to be in, and I am glad that Miles Beckler (and quite a few others) have adopted this mindset. The influence of Andre Chaperon’s tiny assets theory is shining through the words of Miles, and it is great to see how he tries to tailor his training to his personal story. People love stories.

But it doesn’t devalue what he has to say about mindset, and providing value upfront.

His entire YouTube channel is about helping people after all…and it works for him.

The more value you give away for free, the more likely people will come back to buy from you. Strange, isn’t it?

But then suddenly, too soon in my opinion, we come to the first affiliate recommendation (and it won’t be the last).

It just felt so out of place, so …even, embarrassing for Miles… to promote…wait for it…Russel Brunson’s Expert Secrets.

I know…

It is not a bad book, that’s not what I am saying.

It is the fact that a) Miles promoted it: ‘it’s free you only have to pay for postage’ plus ‘You must click on the link and read the book NOW’ and b) although I recognise Brunson’s work and achievements, what ClickFunnels represents (for me) is quite the opposite of what Miles (I thought) stood up for.

So the fact the he placed a ClickFunnels affiliate link in the 2nd module of his training, right in the middle of the section about ‘Mindset’ and ‘How You Can Help People’, I found very controversial.

And then he goes straight back on talking about providing value upfront etc.

So it really is out of place, I don’t know why he wanted to start promoting the ClickFunnels affiliate link in this module…why promote anything? Anyways…

The message comes across though.

Affiliate marketing mindset to achieve success is through helping others

How to help your audience?

  1. Know your audience
  2. Identify their problems
  3. Recommend solutions for those problems

–> Earn money as a ‘side-effect’ of helping people solving their problems.

He explains it really well, that this process can only work in one direction, and it starts with your audience.

If you start with a product, and focus on promoting a product rather than solving a problem, you will struggle. You will fail.

mindset of a successful affiliate marketer infographic

This process – mindset if you like – will also inevitably narrow down your niche to a group of people with a very specific, common, problem. These sort of niches are the best ones, because

  • you can target your audience very easily
  • you have little competition (if any at all) and
  • you can quickly build authority and establish engagement with your readers / viewers / followers.

Third Module – The HOW

Wow, I though, only 3 modules in and we are already at the first steps of how!

His advice is to come up with two irresistible offers. One would be a free offer (with a lot of value), in exchange for email addresses.

The second offer would be what people pay for.

Like this course – the Million Dollar Business Blueprint – is a free offer. At this point I though that there will be Miles Beckler Masterclass at the end of the free modules, and to be honest, at this point I would have happily paid for that Master Class anything between $99 and $999.

So this method works. If the ‘seller’ has established credibility, provided value for free, up front; then there’s much more potential in turning those ‘engaged fanatics’ into paying customers.

There is only one caviat here: this method works only IF your freebie does solve a problem, does provide value that you could not get from anywhere else.

(This enthusiasm of mine changed quite a bit 4 modules later, SPOILER ALERT, I have not found out the blueprint to a million dollar business, and I have not found a second irresistible offer at the end of the free modules. (there was an offer, but it wasn’t irresistible. A bit later on that…))

So be careful. This can work, but it is also very easy to cock it up. What can you take away from it? Learn from Miles’s mistake and if you plan to have a freebie and a paid product, both must be truly irresistible, and represent true value for your audience.

Which takes us back to knowing your audience.

But anyways, he brings great examples of how you can tie in these two offers so that the paid offer is like the natural choice, the next obvious step of the person who has already ‘bought in’ with the free offer.

It is definitely worth a read and then analyzing Miles’ course (this course) in the light of what he teaches.

Modules 4-6 – The TOOLS

Okay, so this was the point where I started to raise my eyebrows (not counting that ClickFunnels fiasco in module 2).

According to this module you need to create the core pages to make this affiliate marketing thing work: an opt-in page and a thank you page, plus the offer at the bottom of your sales funnel.

While it is an absolutely legit way, and most internet marketers DO create sales funnels in one way or another, I just felt – again – that Miles preached water and drank wine.

I had to pinch myself cause I could not believe that the person, who has created 500+ videos on YouTube (that drive traffic to his website), has published 200+ articles on his website, regularly publishes on Quora and, has regular podcasts across various platforms; states that what you need to make a million dollar business was an opt-in page and a thank-you page.


Deep breath.

IS THIS GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE TIME-WASTING ‘COURSES’ THAT TEACH YOU THE WRONG THINGS ON PURPOSE? So you’d feel like you are helpless and you can’t make it work despite the BLUEPRINT in front of you? So you’d buy whatever they recommend so that you can at least say that you have tried everything?




Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with what he actually says about having an opt-in page and a sales funnel. Or whatever he teaches about the importance of split testing and improving your landing page.

Or that you can drive traffic to your landing page using Facebook Pay-Per-Click Ads.

I am not even surprised that there are ClickFunnels and ThrivePages affiliate links within the text. ThrivePages is great, but not necessary at all for building landing pages. Nevermind.

But the whole COURSE just felt so OFF to me, because what I read was so out of line with;

a) what Miles talks about in his videos

b) what he really does, just by looking at this training course as a ‘sales funnel’

Module 7 – Finally!

At this point I though I was gonna flick through the rest of the course, just out of curiosity and to find out what’s that Great Irresistible Offer.

For my biggest surprise it was a very decent module perfectly in line with what I had previously seen from Miles. Plenty of videos embedded (from his YouTube channel), plenty of great examples, so much useful stuff.

Even though this stuff is available through his YouTube, with the anchor texts and the examples he has brought in it is a great read and a great way to understand content marketing, what he does and why he does it.

The fact that he recommends at least 5 different products on this page (affiliate links) did not bother me as much as it did on the 2nd page. Because I could see that he really used those products and these probably helped him to get where he is at now.

So what is the irresistible offer?

You’ll never guess: AuthorityHacker

I thought Miles would have a premium course, an hour coaching for $200 or I don’t know…something?

Well, I did not feel that AuthorityHacker was irresistible and that I could not keep my credit card in my wallet…so not sure it is a good choice from him to promote AH as his 2nd irresistible offer. Especially that he was supposed to ‘give away’ the blueprint already, so what’s left there to learn, right?

So What Have You Learnt?

The reason I would like you to have a look at this course is what you can learn from what he does not tell you.

Like that you can have a ‘sales funnel’ without a real ‘irresistible offer’ at the end of the funnel.

That you can promote 9-10 different products within one sales funnel as long as they organically fit in the niche and solve a specific problem of your audience

That you can build a sales funnel in WordPress, easily. You don’t need ClickFunnels. Or ThrivePages.

That you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and most of the time you can recycle what you have already created.

That if you find a way to generate traffic somehow, the actual ‘sales’ can happen on pages that are not even visible for Google – like a ‘membership page’ or an email list.

And I must admit, I did find value I could take away from this course, so I am sure you would not find it a waste of time either.

Needless to say, you don’t need ClickFunnels to succeed. You need great content on a platform of your choice.  You need a sales funnel that genuinely provides value, solves a problem through your own advice, or through recommending 1 or more products.

You need a webpage of your own (regardless of the platform you use for creating your content).

And you need to build an email list through capturing emails of your visitors.


Miles Beckler’s course is a good one to introduce you into the right mindset of an affiliate marketer and to demonstrate how you can build your own training course / affiliate funnel in WordPress. It is worth giving it a go just to see how other affiliate marketers do it, and get those cogwheels turning in the back of your mind to adapt it to your niche, to your website.

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So Miles Beckler recommended Authority Hacker. I don’t have anything against Authority Hacker, and if I am sure that they teach you how to do all those above. The reason I don’t particularly engaged with them is that I can’t see that ‘value upfront’ ethos that I look for every time. (I’ve put together a collection of these resources and training courses in this post: What Is the Best Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners?)

This does not mean that it is not a good course, so I do urge you to go and check it out for yourself.

I recommend another one though, that actually follows very nicely what Miles talked about in this training.

Wealthy Affiliate provides value upfront, there’s no pushy up-sell but upgrading will be the next logical step if you think you are ready to take affiliate marketing seriously.

Again, I urge you to go and check it out for yourself, it is completely free and the training course will give you plenty of valuable information, and practical knowledge to start your affiliate marketing venture (and a lot work for next couple of weeks).

Link to register your free account with me as your mentor (affiliate link)

Do give me a shout if you struggle figuring out how to actually make money with affiliate marketing, I’d love to help.